About us

Fastavia is celebrating it's 21st Anniversary in the aerospace industry this year, as one of Europe's leading design and sales facilities holding a complete range of fastening hardware. We are proud to present to you some of the most innovative and progressive products available today.

With over 40 years of design, build and sales knowledge within our house, along with direct access to some of the finest engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the world, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of fastening and attachment hardware for structures, interiors, systems supports and quick release mechanisms.

Fastavia can confidently offer you products and capabilities to resolve any of your assembly or system support requirements.

Honesty, Reliability, Sound Design, Competitive Pricing and Excellent Product Support will be our commitment


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  • new website goes live!
  • 03 July 2012
  • new website goes live!
  • Welcome to our new website, if you have any queries please use our contact form....

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